Friday, May 6, 2011


























Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I dislike LAW!!!

明天就开始Easter Break!! [期待][开心]

Tuesday, March 22, 2011




电脑白痴。。。 想家!!


好久好久每来自已的 blog 看看了。。也没有更新。。两年!!!吓死!哈哈哈。。。最近发生很多事。。。最近比较不开心。。。郁闷!!情绪低落。。。比较容易哭。。。也让我想了很多很多问题。就想说上来 blog发泄发泄一下。我也顺便看了很多朋友的 blog,发现他们的好漂亮哦。我也想布置一下。哪知道弄了半天都没成功!最后还是思秀帮我搞定的。。我好烂哦!



Saturday, April 4, 2009

Daylight saving ends in a few hours...

Daylight saving ends tomorrow.. hahaha... That means that we are going to move our time an hour behind, and also means that we have extra one hour hahaha... so can sleep more!! So starting from tomorrow just 4 hours ahead than Malaysia.

Just a reminder... Don't go to church an hour earlier hahaha..

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Term break is here!!!!

I am craving for holidays........ So tired after six weeks of study...! And now......... hahahaha.... my holiday finally started half an hour ago... 5pm~ happieeeeeeeeeeee!

Had a few exams in the past two weeks and many homeworks and stuff... Didn't really do well... (sob...) i think... i ruined my aim for this year.... i ruined my dreammmmmmmm... Meifen ah, maybe i can't fulfill my dream lo howwwwww?! you know i know laaaa.. Hope it will turn out alright lo. Scary to see my results after holiday.... better don't think it now.. enjoy my holidays first..

Haven't plan what to do in the holidays le..?? Sigh... this yr don't have camp in april.. We will have it in Nov.. So maybe i will just watch series, sleeping? and need to study and do some revision.. Two test coming up after the holidays.. And yes.. tonight need to go to church to do some preparation for tomorrow's fund-raising.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

long time no seee...........

It's 2009!! Time passed so FAST!!!! I am back in Christchurch again after having my three months holiday in Kch... I want more holiday laaaaaaaaaaa.. became very lazy here.. Haven't been study, doing homework and writing for the whole holiday. Don't know that if I still can hold a pen properly or not.. hahaha... My brain stop functioning tooo... RUSTY lo!!!

For the past three months, I have done a lot of things... Ate a lot..... sleep a lot...... play a lot... and buying a lot..... Meeting with friends and relatives.. celebrating christmas and CNY at home.. (already 3 yrs didn't celebrate CNY in kch)... Spending time with my parents... hahaha.. And now I miss HOME and my lovely PARENTS!!! I went to Sibu to visit my grandma too... and went to KK for vacation haha... Nice place... I went snorkeling and there are many NICE fishes! haha...

Anyway... I have uploaded some pics in my flickr photo album... Havent have time to upload the KK trip one... haha... Have a look if you guys are free...
Here's the link --->