Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Springs is here!!

Hey guys... It's been a long time since I last update my blog.. Here I come!! haha... Spring is here!! The weather in Christchurch is getting warmer and warmer.. (which is good!! love it!!) Last Saturday (6/9/2008), I went to botanic garden and other places to take some pics... It's really a good day to go to the garden, relaxing!! Beautiful scenery, nice environment, fresh air, pretty flowers, birds singing, ducks swimming.... Thanks God for creating it! He is really a good creator... : )

I uploaded some pics in flickr too.. Have a look!! Cheers!

A song of "赞美之泉" popped up in my mind when I was in the park....
全能的创造主 Wonderful Creator
1) 你使天空绚丽 大地富足
You brush paint on the sky, fill rich the earth
你命江河涌流 群山复苏
You revive winter hills, make river flow
你使百鸟欢唱 百花盛开
You give flowers blossoms, sparrows their songs
你赐生命绵延 命令万物
You're the giver of life, Maker of all
Chorus: 哈利路亚 全能的创造主
Hallelujah Almighty God on high
哈利路亚 万国万民都向你跪拜
Hallelujah All nations bow and exalt Your name
2) 崇山峻岭向你 屈膝敬拜
Mountain ranges arise, to You bow down
江河湖海为你 翩翩起舞
Stream and ocean abide, for You they dance
诸天穹苍传扬 你的荣耀
Moon ans stars of the night, shout Your glory
日月星宿向你 扬声欢呼
All creation praise You, Maker of all
[Chorus again]
We will praise Your name
Till the end of days
Your names is Wonderful
We sing Your praise
[Chorus again]