Tuesday, July 29, 2008












Friday, July 18, 2008

These was the neoprints that me and Jin took...

The first two pics was the first time we took and because Jin was not used to the machine so there's a strawberry on her face.. haha.. funny!

Below was the second time we went to took... So these ones are more successful... Professional posers!! :p

Below are all the edittings done by me when I was bored.. Trying out new things.. not bad!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

These two days....

Hooray... My cousin, Jin Jin came to Christchurch for holiday... So I went out with her... So happy to see her cos we haven't hang out for quite a long time... Since I came to nz, we haven't really have time to hang out and last year when I went back to Kch, she went to sibu for ns and I only met her once.. We went to mall first and shopping and took some "big head photos" then go to dream garden have tea and toast.. I had a nice day with her lo.. We have too many things to catch up hahaha... Talking non-stop from 2pm till 10pm!! And till haven't finish talking wahahahaha!! Li hai le hahaha.. Will be asking her out for the next few days... Too bad that she is going back to Auckland soon... I am going to miss her so much! hahaha..

Today was a cold day... Snowed in the afternoon and then keep on raining till now haven't stop... I hate that I need to go out in cold and wet day!! Just came back from cellgroup now... Was quite tired so going to sleep soon.. That's all for now..

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Hello... It was quite a long time since I last update my blog... Many of my frens asked me to update.. so yea.. here comes my first post for this year... hmmm.. It was quite cold these days and make me so lazy to move around.. haha.. Having a normal and boring life..
Last two fridays night, I was spending my time using msn video calling with Joanne.. So funny and sot!! LOL! Was acting and guessing and posing in front of the camera... well.. some photos to share with you guys..

Both of the above was taken on the second friday... Don't know why my face so big... Just realised I was too close to the camera.. No skills on taking photos! hahaha...

This one was taken on the first Friday...

That's all for now.. Still thinking what else can I post.. haha.. Will continue to post something to update myself.. hehehe.. see ya all!