Saturday, April 4, 2009

Daylight saving ends in a few hours...

Daylight saving ends tomorrow.. hahaha... That means that we are going to move our time an hour behind, and also means that we have extra one hour hahaha... so can sleep more!! So starting from tomorrow just 4 hours ahead than Malaysia.

Just a reminder... Don't go to church an hour earlier hahaha..

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Term break is here!!!!

I am craving for holidays........ So tired after six weeks of study...! And now......... hahahaha.... my holiday finally started half an hour ago... 5pm~ happieeeeeeeeeeee!

Had a few exams in the past two weeks and many homeworks and stuff... Didn't really do well... (sob...) i think... i ruined my aim for this year.... i ruined my dreammmmmmmm... Meifen ah, maybe i can't fulfill my dream lo howwwwww?! you know i know laaaa.. Hope it will turn out alright lo. Scary to see my results after holiday.... better don't think it now.. enjoy my holidays first..

Haven't plan what to do in the holidays le..?? Sigh... this yr don't have camp in april.. We will have it in Nov.. So maybe i will just watch series, sleeping? and need to study and do some revision.. Two test coming up after the holidays.. And yes.. tonight need to go to church to do some preparation for tomorrow's fund-raising.